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All Saints Parish (website)


The Catholic community in Puyallup began as a fledgling mission, with the first Mass being recorded as early as 1890, celebrated by Fr. John P. Rohlinger among five individuals in a family's home. In 1899, Rev. P.C.A. Winter purchased the church pictured on the left, which was situated on the corner of what is now known as 5th Avenue and 2nd Street Southwest. 


The congregation continued to grow so that the need for a new church became evident. In 1911 the current church building was built and consecrated, becoming the first brick veneer church in the Puyallup Valley. This church was expanded and remodeled in 1962 to double its capacity, and remains to be the church where we worship today. Since then, many changes have been made in and around the parish, but its history remains rich and continues to be written through us and by us, its church community.


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