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Glossary of Knights of Columbus Terms

     First Degree: The initial degree you obtain when completing the "Admissions" degree program.The moment you are initiated into the Order, you are a First Degree Knight.
     Second Degree: This is the next step in your progression to full Knighthood. You will take the  "Formation" degree to obtain this status. You can chair a Council group, at this level.
     Third Degree: You achieve this after taking, and passing, the "Knighthood" degree. You are then eligible to hold Council office and will be expected to begin to mentor the newer knights still in the First Degree.

     Fourth Degree: This is the Patriotic Degree, the highest level to which a Knight can rise. Once there, you will be addressed as "Sir Knight". Members of the Fourth Degree are readily identified by their tuxedos and red/white/blue baldrics across their chests. Those members of the Honor Guard and Color Guard are further identified by their wearing of the chapeau, cape, white gloves and, in some cases, swords and scabbards.

     New members of the Fourth Degree wear white chapeau plumes, red capes and black-handled swords. Those men that have commanded an Asssembly (known as Faithful Navigators) may wear a white cape, plume and white sword hilt, as recognition of their leadership effort.

     Other colors you may find at a function are [cape and plume] Purple (Color Corp Commander), Emerald Green (Marshall), Gold (Master of the District), Lt. Blue (Vice Supreme Master of the Fourth Degree) and Dk. Blue (Supreme Master of the Fourth Degree).

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