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4th Degree Exemplification - TBD

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Bishop McGrath Assembly, it is the third oldest Assembly in the State of Washington. It was chartered on 4/12/1917.


An Assembly is a collection of Fourth Degree Knights (You might notice the Fourth Degree at ceremonies around the Church. The most noticeable group is the Color Corp, with their chapeaus, capes, gloves and swords - called regalia. Other Knights can be found in Tuxedos and red, white and blue banners called Baldrics. They can be ushers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers (or whatever is needed.) from various Councils. Our members come from All Saints, Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, St. Patrick's, Holy Cross, Visitation and St. Charles Borromeo Councils. As people move, and Assemblies rise and fall, there is a constant shuffle of Knights among Assemblies.

An Assembly only contains Fourth Degree Knights, from up to six Councils. It is managed by the Faithful Navigator - an elected position. The current Faithful Navigator of Assembly 1175 is Robert Welsh, from All Saints Parish.


First, Second and Third Degree Knights make up the Parish Councils. Councils are run by Grand Knights - another elected position. The Grand Knight of Council 1629, All Saints, is Steve Hastings.

Fourth Degree Color Corp Member, in Regalia
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